Uncollected bottles endanger animals and fish in water bodies. The United Nations cautions that by 2050, there may be more plastic than fish. Plastic collection plays a significant role in plastic reduction and increasing unemployment.

Collected Plastic Bottles

Collection of plastic waste from the environment to reduce pollution and promote upcycling and recycling, fostering a cleaner planet for future generations to thrive in.

Community Training
on sustainable Building Materials

Equipping the community with eco-friendly construction methods and practices on sustainable building materials.

Plastic Bottles into Eco-Bricks

Empty plastic bottles collected from the environment are turned into building materials( eco-bricks) for construction of eco-houses.

Transformed Plastic

Employment opportunities

Eradication of Poverty and improving livelihoods in communities for self-sustainability

Finished Eco-House

The completion of this eco-house marks a significant milestone in sustainable architecture, inspiring future green building projects worldwide.

Increased Structure Dimension

We have upgraded our structures, scaliing from small and medium to large, now accomodating from 15,000 to 50,000 plastic bottles. Join us in our efforts to repurpose plastic and build a sustainable futre


Empowering Communities Through Sustainable Plastic Waste Management

Our comprehensive initiative has profoundly impacted the lives of 1.3 million individuals across Africa, fundamentally altering the narrative surrounding plastic waste. This accomplishment marks merely the start of our quest for even more significant transformations and enduring positive change within our communities and beyond.

Plastic Collection

Plastic bottles are collected from the local community and stored at the collection center. This effort contributes to maintaining a cleaner and healthier environment, mitigating pollution, and ensuring a sustainable and eco-friendly future for all.

Making of eco-bricks

Single mothers and youth transform plastic bottles into eco-friendly bricks, compacting them with soil to create sustainable building materials, fostering environmental responsibility and empowerment.


Transforming plastic waste into innovative building materials, reducing environmental impact, and fostering a mindset of sustainability by building creative upcycling.

Our Impact

Our efforts have influenced the lives of more than 1.3 million rural individuals in Africa, aiming to transform plastic waste into plastics of value and enhance the wellbeing of communities

Jobs Created
Platic Waste Collected
Houses Constructed


What Our Clients Say

These testimonials reflect the transformative impact of accessible technology, enhancing lives and empowering communities with boundless opportunities for growth and success

"This is most beautiful and cool house with fine texture and attractive outlook in the eyes of everyone."
Atuhurra Angellah Marjorie
Founder: Gejja Women Foundation
"Transforming bottles into building materials is one way to shelter the homeless in refugee camps."
Turatsinze Mafigi Victor
Founder: Unleashed (potential in Motion)
This is an innovative and creative technology that has contributed to the employment of youth
Juliet Kasiita
Uganda Country Manaager: Sinapis


Our recent projects &
some past porject

Meet our expert team

David Monday

David Monday

Kiwanuka Paul

Kiwanuka Paul

Partnership Coordinator and Mechanical Engineer
Lukumbuka Robert Breins

Lukumbuka Robert Breins

Fundraiser and Environment Law Specialist
Katusabe Bridget

Katusabe Bridget

Marketing and Finance


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