Uphold Environmental Conservation and Improve the Well-being of Communities

We are known for supporting different communities to build strong and eco-friendly structures to guarantee safety for people. The houses are built using tested materials like eco bricks, iron bars, cement, sand, and aggregates. The walls are 23cm thicker and reinforced with iron bars and concrete. The house can take a duration of 400+ years on average. We look forward to supporting communities’ worldwide to build cost-effective residential houses.

Training Centre at kyaka-II Refugee Settlement

This is an empowerment room for the youth at Arise Foundation in Kyegegwa District. Its at an incubation centre where youth create solutions to challenges with the refugee community

Gejja Women Foundation Empowerment Room

The structure was built to be a training center for the empowerment of girl child to learn the skill of producing reusable sanitary pads.
The building is located in Bulyasi, Mpigi district ,Uganda.

Camp Fire Place

This is a gathering place for community bonding through sharing stories and experiences, serving as a learning and stress-relieving environment for all. Its also used as an entertainment ground where talents, skills and passions are expressed to the community.

Skilling and Production Rooms at Gejja Women Foundation

This house consumed 18,000 plastic bottles collected by Gejja women from the community. The women were involved in collection, sorting, compaction, and construction processes.

Dormitory in SINA Village

This is a papyrus roofed bottle residence designed for youth engaged in the acceleration program. This house has an alternative temperature control by default. It hosts both local and international guests who came for one week intensive boot camp to restructure their business ideas.

Madagascar House in SINA Village

This structure was built with 65000 bottles employing over 120 members as bottle pickers, compactors, sorters and builders. The structure was built as accommodation place for visitors who happen to tour at Jangu International.

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