Ways To Get Involved


Join us in our fundraising campaign and rally your friends and family to join you in this noble cause. Together, let's ignite a small spark that has the potential to grow into a blazing fire, one that sustains itself long after we're gone, leaving behind a lasting legacy of impact and change.


Be part of us in supporting the homeless. Every donation counts. Together, let's provide shelter, warmth, and hope to those in need. Your contribution makes a difference. Donate today and make a real impact.

Volunteer with us

Volunteering or interning with us offers an enriching experience, providing firsthand exposure to the impactful work that changes the lives of the homeless. Join us and make a meaningful difference today.

In-kind Support

Support us in purchasing a $140 dustbin for distributing in communities, aiding in the collection of plastic waste. Every contribution helps us foster cleaner environments and sustainable waste management practices.