Why Choose Us

Our Approach

Pendeza shelters uses Labour Based Approach in its work model. The company primarily
collaborates with members of the local community for tasks such as collection, sorting, compaction,
and construction. Rather than relying on machinery, Pendeza Shelters intentionally uses human
labour, aiming to enhance the well-being of the individuals involved in these processes.

Dedicate Team

We are a self driven, unified entity of administrators and masons who are passionate about environmental conservation and the well being of people.

Pendeza shelters

Our Vision

A green world with transformed communities.

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Our Mission

Creating a world where human live in harmony with nature by promoting environmentally responsible
behavior and preserving biodiversity for future generations.

Our Objectives

1. To raise awareness of proper waste management and Campaigning for greater change.

2. To focus on transforming the waste Crisis in Africa into employment opportunities for
disregarded groups of people.

3. To train people on how to collect, sort and turn empty plastic bottles and polythene bags from
the environment into eco-bricks to build eco-friendly building materials.

4. To build the skills for local people to deliver practical solutions to the waste management
crisis in their own communities.