Pendeza Shelters, established in 2022 by David Monday, arose from his personal tragedy when his home in Kasese district, Uganda, was flooded in 2007, resulting in the loss of his brother due to poor waste management. This experience inspired him to tackle plastic waste and its impact on communities. After joining the Social Innovation Academy in 2014, he co-founded Upcycle Africa Limited and later Pendeza Shelters in 2022.

Pendeza Shelters' mission is to address the challenge of plastic waste while providing affordable housing for homeless and disaster-affected communities in rural Uganda and refugee settlements. Through innovative construction methods using plastic bottles, the organization aims to create durable, eco-friendly homes.

David Monday's expertise has led him to consult on similar projects internationally, demonstrating his commitment to environmental conservation and community empowerment. Pendeza Shelters strives for a green world, promoting environmentally responsible behavior and preserving biodiversity for future generations.


Pendeza Shelters, a registered social enterprise operating in the Rwenzori Region of western Uganda, is dedicated to addressing the waste crisis by transforming poorly disposed plastic waste into eco-friendly building materials. These materials are used to construct cost-effective eco-homes for homeless and disaster-affected communities, particularly targeting the two-thirds of homeless individuals residing in rural areas of Uganda.

The organization's commitment to minimizing the environmental impact of construction is evident in its innovative approach, which involves community engagement in waste collection, sorting, compaction, and construction processes. This not only reduces the ecological footprint but also creates employment opportunities for community members.

"Pendeza," meaning "Beautiful" in Swahili, reflects the company's dedication to constructing durable, attractive, fireproof, and temperature-regulated alternative housing solutions for disaster-affected populations, including refugees and communities affected by floods. Their focus is on ensuring residential comfort for all, particularly those at the bottom of the socio-economic pyramid.

Beyond housing construction, Pendeza Shelters empowers affected communities by providing training in waste management processes and construction skills, thereby improving their overall well-being. Through these initiatives, Pendeza Shelters not only addresses immediate housing needs but also promotes sustainable practices and community resilience in the face of environmental challenges.

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