Tourism and Experience

In Fort Portal, we constructed an eco-friendly residential house built from plastic bottles for a
tourism hotel for visitors to explore. The house showcases innovative recycling, with walls
made entirely of plastic bottles. The educational experience highlights sustainability and
creative construction methods suitable for local households.

Community members, particularly the youth, spearheaded the collection of 628kg of bottles
from both the community and landfill areas. Guided by Abwooli, an environmental activist and
owner of the house. Over 123 youth were engaged in the collection, sorting, and
compacting of the bottles (transforming bottles into eco-bricks). Their diligent efforts were duly
compensated, aligning with their aim to enhance livelihoods.

The youth engaged in all project processes were provided with waste management and construction skills training. This reflects our belief that, in addition to creating jobs and opportunities, priority was given to skill development.

The house aimed to host both local and international guests seeking to experience the unique temperature of an eco-friendly house, providing comfort, especially during rainy seasons.

Then the house becomes cool during the day and warm at night. The construction spanned two months, from inception to completion, ensuring paying attention to detail.

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