It was an exciting moment for Pendeza Shelters working with Jangu International in organising the Eco Advocacy Event that took place on 4/4/2024. The main purpose was to educate the

community and making awareness about the poor plastic disposal due to improper plastic waste management systems leading to clogging of drainage channels, and community flooding exposing people to health risks and effecting the soils, land, animals, and the atmosphere leaving the environment in absolute danger.

Different institutions joined the campaign like the primary schools, secondary schools, universities, the local government and the community to have representative at each level creating environmental conscious ambassadors. Different organisation joined were the, EcoBrix, NIAAD, GAYO Uganda, Young Catholic Workers Movement and Biodiversity Conservation Fund and the Office of the District Natural Resources.

Involvement of the community

Different individuals in the community were involved in respect of their age groups since it was a collective responsibility of everyone to save Mother Earth. The groups involved are the primary schools (upper primary) children aged 8-12, secondary schools aged 13-18, institutions and Universities that constitute youth aged between 18-35, and residents in the community 35 and above.

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